We get it. Being a community association board member is hard and at times feels like a full-time job without pay. You are trying to keep your association on budget, manage how your community looks and control your expenses. With all your fiduciary responsibilities, it is imperative to have effective communication with full visibility and knowledge of the day-to-day operations of your community.  You need a condominium or HOA management company that gets work done and lightens the load so you can make informed decisions.


Our goal is to provide communities with quick, effective, and transparent services. We apply the highest industry standards in everything we do to ensure consistency and excellence in service. Blueprint offers a local community management team backed by an extensive back-office support staff plus the benefit of extended hours. A resident service center that answers the phone quickly with a real human, with the minimal rerouting of calls, and the best proprietary condominium and HOA management technology that exposes a level of detail that is not available anywhere else in the industry. We can prove it.

We pride ourselves on our industry-leading technologies. Our partnership with Citrix Systems allows us to provide the most advanced management software to our clients. Our ability to stay ahead of technology allows us the ability to provide our clients with unrivaled management solutions, an array of online tools for our clients, and to enforce Proactive Management Services that add value to every HOA, Condominium, High-Rise, and Co-Op we manage.

Whether your community is large or small, we treat all of our clients with the utmost care and attention. We are passionate about providing quick, effective, and transparent services to our Board Members and Homeowners. Our property managers are easy to reach and respond to all communications within 1 business day.

Vendor management. Blueprint and it’s partnerships with fully-licensed and insured vendors allow us to facilitate all of our client’s needs. From general maintenance, landscaping, contracting services to personnel services such as concierge, security, valet, and everything in between we leverage our market space to provide top-tier services to our communities at unbeatable rates. We don’t just hire our vendors, we manage them.

Has your management company been able to save its clients an average of 18% vs their competitions in vendor costs? We have. Let’s talk.

Accounting & Budgeting

The financial strength and stability of a community are vital to its long-term success. At Blueprint®, we offer financial management expertise that is focused on building value. We’re proud to maintain the highest security measures, the tightest financial standards, and the broadest array of financial and accounting services in the industry. Get detailed budget variance reports and peace of mind when using our CPAs to perform audits and annual tax returns.

Owner Delinquency & Collection Services

Delinquent owners take time and resources away from the community that could otherwise be used to add value. Current collection programs are expensive, outdated, and inefficient. Our collection experts can manage the process from beginning to end while keeping costs down.

Declarant, Developer & Construction Services

Whether you’re a first time developer, a national builder or an investment firm who has recently taken on an assignment of declarant rights, Blueprint® is here to help. Our experienced managers know how to balance the needs of the membership with the goals of a declarant-based Board of Directors.

Building & Facilities Management

Every HOA should be focused on reducing energy consumption and improving conservation, while also being mindful of the environment. We work with vendors that provide environmentally friendly, sustainable solutions such as building envelope maintenance, pool cleaning, storm water pond management, landscaping, recycling and waste management, integrated pest control, and much more. Along with daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly site inspections, we also offer on-call engineers, facilitate detailed reserve studies, and consistently distribute regular site inspection reports that can track the life of your HOA’s assets.

Covenant Enforcement & Architectural Control

Using only the best software and technology, Blueprint® can effectively enforce covenants, rules and regulations with accuracy and efficiency. We carefully document each infraction and notify the owner pursuant to the language reflected in the governing documents. Our homes are investments and as such we want to increase our property values. To do so means paying close attention to architectural and lot modifications so as to keep consistent curb appeal.

Vendor Management & Contract Negotiation

We don’t just hire vendors, we manage them. We recommend vendors that are reputable and have a positive track record within their field. After making it through our detailed preferred partner process we confirm they have active insurance coverage and are licensed if applicable. At the contract negotiation stage we make sure to clearly define the most important provisions of the agreement like scope, amount, form and frequency of compensation, term, contract commencement and expiration, insurance requirements and non-performance remedies.

Elections & Governance

Before Blueprint® begins providing services to your community, we make sure to read the covenants and bylaws. To be able to enforce laws, you need to know them first. We’re able to run an election from start to finish by providing mail outs, proxies, agendas, nomination forms, etc.

Risk Management & Insurance

Our company has partnered with local insurance specialists that can provide professional reviews of your insurance policies to make sure you have the proper coverage, should a disaster ever arise. If you’re ever unsure of anything, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will get you to the appropriate specialist who can further assist you.

Homeowner Communications

At Blueprint®, we pride ourselves by the high level of customer service we provide. Hiring us means better communication methods for owners including email, text, website and social network updates. We even provide a community webpage to keep owners informed with the latest information.

Board & Member Meeting

We aren’t perfect but we aim to be. Learn from our clients is the only way we can get there. When we attend your weekly, monthly or quarterly Board meetings, we not only come prepared, but we also listen and learn from the community and board. New suggestions and ideas to improve things can only make us better – so we take note!  We can either run an annual HOA meeting from beginning to end, or simply provide Board support when needed.

Proactive Maintenance

We don’t wait for things to break. When we drive through the community, we stop to check lights, actively engage with homeowners that are out and about, check recreational areas, and make sure things are in working order. We employ in-house proactive maintenance and janitorial crew that keep your community in pristine conditions. We also provide an after-hours on-call service should an emergency arise.

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